Doc Johnson ENHANCE Pleasure 4-Pack


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Keep the good times going with this pack of creams designed to keep you harder for longer. Included are four options. Plump is an enhancing gel that helps increase blood flow to the penis, which makes for a thicker, larger look and feel. Sta-Erect is a delay cream formulated with pheromone to boost sexual desire. Power+ delay cream is formulated with yohimbe, which provides increased circulation and blood flow. The Prolonging delay cream includes ginseng, a traditional aphrodisiac. All three delay creams will decrease penis sensitivity for extended play. Travel-Size (0.35 oz) TubesIncludes Plump Enhancing Cream, Sta-Erect with Pheromone Delay Cream, Power+ with Yohimbe Delay Cream, and Prolonging with Ginseng Delay CreamDelay Creams Delay the Onset of OrgasmDelay Creams Decrease Sensitivity for Extended PlayOdorless, Non-Sticky FormulasNo Glycerin or SugarProudly Made in America

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